User interaction analysis for
your mocks and wireframes.

Clicktest analyzes how users engage with your interfaces so you
can tweak and improve your designs.

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How it works

Click tests help you find out how your users interact with your interfaces.

By finding out where users click on your interfaces you can quickly find out whether your calls to action are working effectively.

  1. Upload designs to test
    Upload a mockup you're working on a screenshot of an interface and add some instructions you want testers to carry out.
  2. Testers complete your test
    You can choose whether you want our community to help you out or keep your test private and only share it with your own testers.
  3. View your results
    We crunch all your responses and present them to you with heatmaps and click overlays so you can see how people interact with your designs.
“Let me just say that not only is this useful, but extremely addictive.”

- Tim Myers, Copper Conferencing

Why run click tests?

Click tests can be used for a variety of different purposes. Below are some examples of what you can achieve with a click test.

Test calls to action
Click tests help identify whether your interface is clear to users.

Test your navigation
Make sure your users are able to find their way around your sites.

Test your content
Are users able to find the content they're looking for?

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